Başlıkları göster

in modern world it is clear to say that more people prefer to live in the cities due to the fact that cities offer more than countryside can offer, moreover actually cities are designed to be able to share by lots of citizens otherwise cities can not effectively help its citizens to live. put it simply apartments are targeting people who can live together in minimum space while countryside type of accomodations can not offer this.

also it is another fact that if countryside part of the city can not attract people it means countryside of city can not offer too much and generally countryside is far away from public institutions such as hospital, school and other public institutions.

sometimes living in the city is inevitable and it is actually considered as a part of civilization but it is open to the discussion.
to be honest there may some disadvantages of living in the city. most of the cities are far away from the nature and feeling and being close to the nature is one of the necessity to feel happy and some researches claim that people who close to the nature are happier than people who live without nature. also even all the people who live in the city it does not mean they are collectively interacting each other. some people suffer from loneliness and being in the crowded solely can not solve this type of issues.

finally in my opinion every biological ecosystems has its advantages and disadvantages and all the humankind endowed with unique genes to adaptate themselves in this evolving world.

23.03.2018 10:55