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gloss için tanımlar
apply a cosmetic gloss to.
She went natural on the makeup, too, applying just a hint of silvery-lilac shadow to her eyes and glossing up her lips with a frosty pink.
eş anlamlılar: make glossy, shine, glaze, polish, burnish
try to conceal or disguise (something embarrassing or unfavorable) by treating it briefly or representing it misleadingly.
the social costs of this growth are glossed over
eş anlamlılar: conceal, cover up, hide, disguise, mask, veil, shrug off, brush aside, play down, minimize, understate, make light of, brush under the carpet
provide an explanation, interpretation, or paraphrase for (a text, word, etc.).
He glosses the term as ‘being a colloquial word for anger’.
eş anlamlılar: explain, interpret, explicate, define, elucidate, annotate, translate, paraphrase
Ayrıca bkz.
gloss çevirileri
interpret, comment, commentate, construe, decipher, explicate
örtbas etmek
cover up, hugger-mugger, conceal, whitewash, hush up, hush
polish, shine, brighten, lighten, clean, give a polish
polish, apply polish, give a polish, burnish, finish, shine
dipnot düşmek
açıklama yapmak
explain, make a statement, gloss, show for

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