Başlıkları göster

Over the period, the area witnessed dramatic changes.

05.03.2018 18:50
From 1995 to 2005, the city centre saw spectacular developments.

05.03.2018 18:51
The village changed considerable over the time period.

05.03.2018 18:51
During the 10 year period, the industrial area was totally transformed.

05.03.2018 18:51
Over the past 20 years, the residential area was totally reconstructed

05.03.2018 18:53
Over the time period, the old docks were totally redeveloped.

05.03.2018 18:53
Between 1995 and 2005, the old houses were rebuilt.

05.03.2018 18:53
The central business district was completely modernised during the time period.

05.03.2018 18:54
The offices were demolished and the surrounding area was redeveloped with a new leisure centre opening up.
The shopping centre was extended and the parking area was enlarged to accommodate more cars
The trees were cut down and a new office block was erected.
A railway was constructed with the introduction of a new train station.
The industrial area was modernised and made bigger with lots of new factories being built
The local government had the sports facilities renovated and the small park was made into a children’s playground
The park was replaced with a new housing complex

05.03.2018 21:54
"the population of x is 500."

03.04.2018 11:34
housing area:residential area

03.04.2018 11:38
is located=is situated

03.04.2018 11:38