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in terms of: 1. ... açıdan: Don´t look at the situation in those terms! Duruma o açıdan bakma! 2. k. dili -e gelince, -ce/-çe: In terms of money she´s well fixed. Paraca iyi durumda.

29.07.2013 20:00
in terms of money, I was better off in my last job.

23.03.2018 23:27
in example:
The findings are discussed in terms of the adaptive and maladaptive function of anger.

24.03.2018 18:15
Human behavior is to be understood in terms of changes effected through multiple but comparable learning problems.

29.03.2018 18:24
in terms of cars people in the uk spent about $400000 on this.

03.04.2018 19:05