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İngilizce-Türkçe çeviri
İsim, Astronomi karşı konum
İsim, Hukuk muhalefet
İsim muhalefet.
İsim zıtlık, karşıtlık.
in opposition: karşıt, zıt.
His views were in opposition to mine.
İsim (a) karşı koyma, karşı durma, direnme, dayatma, mukavemet.
The mob offered opposition to the police: DEVAMINI OKU
İsim muhalif parti, muhalefet.
In parliament, the party having the second largest number of elected members DEVAMINI OKU
İsim engel (olma), mania.
The stream flows without opposition.
İsim (bir şeyi başka bir şeyin) karşısına koyma/yerleştirme.
the opposition of the thumb to the fingers.
İsim, Astronomi iki gök cisminin birbirinden 180° uzak durumu.
İsim, Mantık karşıolum: birbirini karşılıklı olarak dışta bırakan iki kavram ya da yargı arasındaki bağıntı.
İngilizce-Türkçe çeviriler: Atalay Sözlüğü, 1. Basım
İngilizce-Türkçe İlgili Terimler
find oneself in opposition to one's friends dostlarıyla ters düşmek Fiil
(patent law) notice of opposition (patent hukuku) itiraz bildirisi
be in opposition muhalefette olmak Fiil
be in opposition aleyhte olmak Fiil
be intolerant of opposition muhalefeti kaldıramamak Fiil
be intolerant of opposition hoşgörmemek Fiil
be up against opposition muhalefete çatmak Fiil
break down all opposition bütün muhalefeti kırmak Fiil
congressional opposition parlamento muhalefeti
defect to the opposition muhalefete geçmek Fiil
encounter opposition muhalefetle karşılaşmak Fiil
go into opposition muhalefete geçmek Fiil
ground of opposition (patent hukuku) itiraz nedeni
isolated opposition tekil karşıtlık.
leader of the opposition (Br) muhalefet lideri
left- wing opposition sol muhalefet
left-wing opposition sol muhalefet
main opposition ana muhalefet partisi İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
meet with a stiff opposition şiddetli muhalefetle karşılaşmak Fiil
notice of opposition (patent hukuku) itiraz bildirisi
of the opposition muhalif
offer opposition muhalefet etmek Fiil
pre-silence the opposition muhalefeti önceden susturmak Fiil
right wing opposition sağ muhalefet
right-wing opposition sağ muhalefet
ring-wing opposition sağ muhalefet
roll up opposition muhalefet yaratmak Fiil
run into a solid opposition büyük muhalefetle karşılaşmak Fiil
self-wing opposition sol muhalefet
snuff out all opposition bütün muhalefeti yok etmek Fiil
spell in opposition muhalefette kısa süre
stiff opposition şiddetli muhalefet
supplemental brief in opposition ek itiraz dilekçesi İsim, Hukuk
the opposition muhalefet
uphold opposition muhalefeti sürdürmek Fiil
wear down the opposition muhalefeti aşındırmak Fiil
withdraw opposition itirazı geri almak Fiil
withdrawal of opposition muhalefetin çekilmesi
opposition (news) paper muhalefetin gazetesi
opposition benches muhalefetin oturduğu sıralar İsim
opposition camp muhalif taraf
opposition campaign muhalefet kampanyası İsim
opposition candidate muhalefet adayı
opposition circles muhalefet çevreleri İsim
opposition group muhalefet grubu
opposition leader muhalefet lideri İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
opposition meeting protesto toplantısı
opposition newspaper muhalefetin gazetesi
opposition party muhalefet partisi
opposition party majority muhalefet çoğunluğu
opposition party majority muhalefet partisinin çoğunluğu
opposition politician muhalefet politikacısı
opposition press muhalif basın
opposition to a patent bir patente itiraz
opposition yens (patent kanunu) itiraz muameleleri İsim
brief in opposition to ... ...'e itiraz dilekçesi İsim, Hukuk
in opposition to aksine
leader of the chief opposition party ana muhalefet partisi lideri
leader of the main opposition party ana muhalefet partisi lideri İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
lodge an opposition to a patent bir patente itiraz etmek Fiil
lodge an opposition to a patent patente itiraz etmek Fiil
main opposition party ana muhalefet partisi İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
offer a determined opposition to a measure bir önleme karşı kesin muhalefet göstermek Fiil
place oneself in opposition to public opinion kamuoyuna karşı gelmek Fiil
place oneself in opposition to public opinion kamuoyuyla muhalefete düşmek Fiil
the opposition camp muhalefet
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İngilizce - İngilizce
noun. The act of opposing or resisting.
noun. The condition of being in conflict; antagonism: "The history of men's opposition to women's emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself” ( Virginia Woolf).
noun. Placement opposite to or in contrast with another.
noun. Something that serves as an obstacle.
noun. A political party or an organized group opposed to the group, party, or government in power.
noun. Astronomy The position of two celestial bodies when their longitude differs by 180°, especially a configuration in which Earth lies on a straight line between the sun and a superior planet or the moon.
noun. Astronomy The position of the superior planet or the moon in this configuration.
noun. Logic The relation existing between two propositions having an identical subject and predicate but differing in quantity, quality, or both.
noun. Linguistics Contrast in a language between two phonemes or other linguistically important elements.
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