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baştanbaşa, bir uçtan bir uca.
The overall length of the house is 12 meters.
kapsamlı, ayrıntılı.
an overall estimate.
tüm, bütün, tekmil.
genel (olarak).
overall, it was a successful meeting. overall, prices are still rising.
kadın iş gömleği.
İngilizce-Türkçe çeviriler: Atalay Sözlüğü, 1. Basım
İngilizce-Türkçe İlgili Terimler
overall balance genel denge
overall balance of payment toplam ödemeler dengesi
overall balance of payments genel ödemeler dengesi
overall budget toplam bütçe
overall budget genel bütçe
overall conditions şartların tümü
overall consumption toplam tüketim
overall dressed (tören için) bayraklarla donanmış (gemi).
overall economic demand toplam ekonomik talep
overall economic demand toplam ekonomik ihtiyaç
overall economic potential toplam ekonomik potansiyel
overall economy topyekûn ekonomi
overall effect genel etki
overall efficiency toplam verim
overall elasticity of supply arzın genel esnekliği
overall elasticity of supply arz esnekliği (bir malın arzının fiyattaki değişmelere karşı duyarlık derecesi
overall employment genel işsizlik
overall engagement teminat tutarı
overall estimate genel tahmin
overall examination genel inceleme
overall examination genel sınav
overall goal toplam hedef
overall increase toplam artış
overall increase of prices fiyatların genel artışı
overall index genel endeks
overall index toplam endeks
overall length tüm uzunluk
overall level genel seviye
overall loss zarar tutarı
overall loss toplam zarar
overall majority salt çoğunluk
overall measurements of a room bir odanın bütün ölçüleri İsim
overall performance genel başarı
overall picture genel görünüm
overall pims toplam kâr
overall plan genel plan
overall planning genel plan
overall position genel durum
overall profit toplam kâr
overall profitability toplam verimlilik
overall quota toplam kontenjan
overall quota toplam kota
overall rate götürü bedel
overall report genel rapor
overall result genel sonuç
overall risk toplam risk
overall risk genel risk
overall sales toplam ciro
overall settlement eksiksiz ödeme
overall statement (US) bilanço
overall stopping distance frenleme mesafesi
overall strength toplam güç
overall study genel inceleme
overall survey anket
overall tendency genel eğilim
overall trade balance genel ticaret dengesi
overall unemployment genel işsizlik
overall weekly earnings toplam haftalık kazanç
costume a person's overall appearance kıyafet
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İngilizce - İngilizce
adjective. From one end to the other: the overall length of the house.
adjective. Including everything; comprehensive: the overall costs of medical care.
adjective. Regarded as a whole; general: My overall impression was favorable.
adverb. On the whole; generally: enjoyed the performance overall.
noun. Chiefly British A loose-fitting protective outer garment; a smock.
noun. Loose-fitting trousers, usually of strong fabric, with a bib front and shoulder straps, often worn over regular clothing as protection from dirt.
from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

02.03.2018 20:45
star see definition of overall show
adj complete, general
adv in general

02.03.2018 20:46
shows general trends.
in addition to that:
(bkz: generally)

03.03.2018 21:29
Overall, the town has most notably shown an increase in housing development which indicates a higher population and a move away from agriculture and farming.

05.03.2018 23:39
in example:
Overall the number of men in fulltime education rose from approximately 100 thousand to 200 thousand

20.03.2018 22:56
the lowest earnest overall are canberra drivers for both uber and taxis where their rate are 23 dollar and 17 dollar respectively

27.03.2018 11:10