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Pie Chart
represents qualitative categories using relative frequency

17.03.2018 20:25
the pie charts illustrate three different countries based on their methods to dealt risky waste products.
overall recycling is the most common strategy to dealing hazardous waste in korean while recycling account for 25 percent of approach in sweden. moreover it is clear from the pie chart that recycling has no part in the waste product process of united kingdom. also united kingdom employes a more different set of waste handling schemes compared to other countries.(73 words in overall paragraph. need more than 150 words in ielts task 1)
korean waste product strategy consist of rerecyling, buried underground, chemical treatment(%70, %22, %9 respectively).(88 words after summarizing first pie chart. )
using underground to bury waste(%82) is most popular system in the uk and in sweden. (%55) (107 words.)
united kingdom use several different approach than republic of korea and sweden.(chemical treatment(%8), dumping at sea(%8).(126)
incineration method is account for 9 percent, 2 percent and 20 percent in republic of korea, united kingdom and sweden respectively.)(147 words) most rare strategy to dealt with waste products is incineration in the united kingdom.(%2)(and we are done!)

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