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- they dont offer interview.
-the position that they offer is over your qualification.
-they dont have their web site.
-even they have a website their web site looks so poor and have no visitor.

03.11.2017 18:50
-if they have no valid address.
-you can search their company name at google.

03.11.2017 18:51
-you can search founder of their web sites. if you dont see any relevant page they are possibly a scammer.

03.11.2017 18:51

03.11.2017 18:53
Even they offer a real job. You have to be careful about work hours. They can possibly look for someone to enslave. And if it is job in another country also be careful whether they offer work visa or intern visa. And also ask other employers whether they are happy with their job or not. You can find their names with linkedin. Better be careful!

23.11.2017 13:06 ~ 13:07