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suffrage için tanımlar
the right to vote in political elections.
General elections with universal adult suffrage were held in April 1965, with several political parties represented.
eş anlamlılar: franchise, right to vote, the vote, enfranchisement, ballot
a series of intercessory prayers or petitions.
Nor have we examined adequately suffrages for the dead, the question of indulgences, the role of Mary in Christian piety, or the sins of denominationalism against the communion that is God's present gift.
Ayrıca bkz.
universal suffrage, women's suffrage
suffrage çevirileri
oy hakkı
suffrage, ballot, the vote, voting power
vote, suffrage, plumper, ballot vote
seçme hakkı
right of choice, choice, option, freedom, suffrage

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