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wrap up
Your Meaning
To finish something / to wear enough clothes to keep you warm / Cover; enclose
Your Remedy
She's busy wrapping up her Christmas presents. / The salesman hoped to wrap up a few deals. / We’ve just finished wrapping up Susie’s birthday present. / We ought to wrap up this meeting and get back to work. (to finish something)

31.05.2018 00:06
wrap up çevirileri
wrap, twine, coat, fold up, wrap up, wrap up
kavgayı kesmek
wrap up
sarıp sarmalamak
wrap up, wind up, swathe
sıkıca sarmak
wrap up
package, pack, wrap up, packet
pack, pack up, package, wrap up, do up, enfold
summarize, abstract, sum up, abridge, wrap up, boil down
sona erdirmek
finish, call off, put an end to, make an end of, wrap up, dissolve
son vermek
finish, put an end to, call off, cut off, sign off, wrap up
cut, interrupt, hack, disconnect, cut off, wrap up
sıkı giyinmek
wrap oneself up, wrap up

13.07.2018 16:29